Development & Industrialization

We make real your hardware and software projects.

Logistics & Manufacturing

We procure all materials needed and the final product manufacturing.

Repair and Post-Sale Services

We manage products’ post-sale service and their repairs.

Distribution & Digitalization

In addition we distribute a components selection and we offer Audio Visual digitalization as well.

SETI electrónica has over 20 years providing outsourcing services to leading companies in the industrial and professional technology sector. Providing development, logistics, PCB production, electronic and electrical wiring, assembly, repair, testing, post-sales services…


An experienced Team and the experience acquired during these years of work, joined to the latest technologies and continuous improvement process, allows us to meet our customer needs, reaching the Quality, Efficiency and Reliability values and needs.

We use a wide range of latest generation machinery to perform the most complex work in all its aspects.

  • Pick&Place and microBGA
  • Automatic Stencil printers with paste verification
  • Several technologies refusing Ovens
  • AOI and X-Ray Quality control
  • Selective Coating
  • Functional Test Bench
  • Climatic chamber
  • Scanning & 3D printing
  • Industrial electronic repairment laboratory.


More than 2.000 m2 of facilities available at your service  divided into:

  • Sales
  • Engineering
  • Logistics
  • SMT Production
  • THT Production
  • Assembling & Cabling
  • Laboratory & Quality


Due to continuous improvement and investment we are present in:

Our Customers’ Success Is Our Main Objective.